October 2 is Wrongful Conviction Day


Today is the second annual Wrongful Conviction Day, which was launched internationally by the Association of Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted (AIDWYC) on October 2 last year.

The purpose of Wrongful Conviction Day is to set aside a day to focus on and discuss the causes and remedies concerning wrongful convictions, an issue that affects and devastates individuals, families and societies worldwide. In recognition of the day, innocence groups from around the world will hold events and host a range of activities to raise awareness about the many cases of people who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit.

According to AIDWYC, since 1992, there have been 1,623 recorded exonerations in the United States; 330 were driven by post-conviction DNA evidence. Already in 2015, 52 people in the United States have been exonerated of crimes they didn’t commit, says AIDWYC.

If you would like to raise your voice in recognition of Wrongful Conviction Day, go to


, where you can take a stand for innocence. From that page, you’ll find tweets and images that you can share on social media. 

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LaHeaven Jones October 2, 2018 at 8:24 pm Reply   

Hi thank you for your participation and advocacy on this serious matter that has effected thousands of innocent victims such as myself! My name is Laheaven V Jones and I am the prime example of a person who’s life was severely damaged and changed as a result of being targeted and wrongfully convicted in the state of California. At the age of 14 myself along with 27 other victims were apart of 1 of the most vicious and brutal acts of police brutality committed in the history of California. The 39st and Dalton ave police brutality civil suit ( August 1988) we were rounded up taken to a specific location forced to lye face down on the ground while shackled hands to feet from behind, severely beaten for 13 hours straight then kidnapped from that location taken to a remote location away from the public and forced to commit degrading acts while continuing to be beaten and threatened with death by the LAPD under the strict and direct orders of then chief Daryle Gates. The incident is well documented and even featured in ESPN 30 for 30 the oj simpson trial! It also left me with permanent physical and mental injuries that the state has still until this day denied me any kind of assistance for. From that horrific day in August until today I have been harassed criminalized falsely arrested and imprisoned and discriminated against by all law enforcement agencies and courts in south los angeles. From the age of 16 until May 2011 I have ruffly 70 arrest and 3 bogus felony convictions on my record in which in each conviction I was targeted, set up and railroaded through the court system by the very same police department and Courts that has awarded myself and the 27 victims of the Dalton ave raid when I was 16! Those 3 convictions happened when I was well into my mid and late 30’s. The last one coming in 2008 I was targeted by sheriff’s deputies in Palmdale Ca and arrested for my LEGAL PRESCRIBED medical cannabis that I provided the officers with all the required paperwork and licensing for and they arrested me anyway. I have been a medical patient and advocate of medical cannabis since 2004 the physical and mental injuries that I suffered during the Dalton avenue incident are my reasons! At the time convicted corrupt ex deputy sheriff Lee Baca was in charge and personally over saw the arrest. The arrest in itself was illegal because the officers entered my residence without a search warrant and lied on the Initial police report. Surveillance cameras and eye witness was able to prove that the arresting officer’s lied on the police report and my medical providers testimony caused the case to be dismissed 5 months later but the sheriff lee baca refused to release me from custody. He also sent me a signed letter saying his officers were correct for arresting even though the case was dismissed! And i was put on a bus and sent to state prison for an additional 4 month’s. I was false imprisoned as a retaliation for my civil law suit at the age of 16! I am a direct victim of 2 of the most corrupt heads of law enforcement in the history of California in Daryle Gates and Lee Baca! I am currently writing a book based on the true story of my life, its called ” Corrupted Justice”. Please feel free to contact me any time I would love to be apart of the movement!

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