Exoneree Compensation in Nevada

In 2019, Nevada passed a law that provides compensation to exonerees based upon the amount of time the person was wrongfully imprisoned, at a set amount per year of wrongful imprisonment as follows: 1-10 years = $50,000/year, 10-20 years = $75,000/year, and 20+ years = $100,000/year. In addition to monetary compensation, exonerees are entitled to non-monetary services including: payment for the cost of tuition and educational expenses to attend a school within the Nevada System of Higher Education, participation in a state health care program, programs for reentry, counseling services, reimbursement for restitution and any medical care paid for by the person while they were wrongfully imprisoned, housing assistance, and financial literacy assistance. The court is required to seal all records relating to the wrongful conviction and grant a certificate of innocence to an exoneree. Effective: 2019; Amended most recently: 2021.

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